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good news!

or rather, bad, depending on your take lol.

the SUB was subjected to a nasty report of a fire in the kitchen on the second floor, but all was well, and nothing was damaged.....that we can tell.

yes, that's right, our beloved barfield, den, the cave, and the other rooms are still in their usual state of....whatever it is.
emptiness? freezing-cold temperatures? quiet? yeah, something like that.

the funny thing? near as we can tell, nobody knew that there was a fire anywhere, and then the fire department showed up and stormed the stairs, requiring us to leave (after, of course, us workers made sure everybody was out of the building).

in what i can only call the shortest fire drill-sort-of-thing in baylor's history (or at least, my history at baylor), we were back in the building in no time flat, with only a "it seemed like an electrical fire, but it's ok, you can go back in" from the people in-the-know.   o.0 

and.....that's probably the most exciting news i can report from campus at the moment.

.......why did nobody warn us before beginning life at The Bubble that summers here were boring....?!
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