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Go be stupid somewhere else.

Is anyone else as irritated by Baylor pedestrians as I am?

Good grief, I have ten minutes to walk from Castellaw to Draper and you know who's in front of me? Effing morons doing the Lariat crossword. WTF?

You're slow. Probably mentally slow, too. SIT DOWN! Get out of everyone's way!

And don't get me started on freshmen that travel in "schools of fish." At least now they're starting to break up a little, but good grief, they clog up every darn sidewalk from here to Bellmead.

What's worse, you might add? Nobody picks up their dog's crap anymore. I've stepped in it, what, twice in the past couple of weeks? I swear, I'm gonna kick the next puppy I see without an owner carrying a caca-bag. GRR.
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