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V-day events

Dear Friends, I would like to ask you a small favor. If you would like to support a local
effort to raise funds to benefit the Family Abuse Center, we need your help. Please pass
this email along to all the Waco people in your address book. Or call them and invite them
to attend. If you are a woman, please attend our pre-performance events. If you are a
man, please bring your favorite woman to a performance. It's male-friendly.

Vday Waco is an organization that works with Eve Ensler's Vday, an international
organization that raises funds to benefit organizations that help prevent violence against
women. Every year this is done mainly through performances of the Vagina Monologues.
Please don't be put off by the name of the performance. It really is a very well-done series
of monologues taken from interviews Eve did with hundreds of women. These are their true

Each local organization (and their are thousands) is not given any
financial help. As you can imagine, there are expenses involved in putting on a
performance -- cost of the theater, printing costs for tickets, posters, programs,
advertisement, etc. We start each season with NO money. Everything we raised last year
was donated to Vday -- 90% to a local organization and 10% to the international fund. Last
year in Waco, we raised $6,000, 90% of which went to the Christian Women's Job Corps.
International funds are used for things like building safe houses in Africa to help young
women fleeing female genital mutilation and a family abuse center on a Native American
Reservation. This year's theme is Reclaiming Peace.

So this year, in order to raise pre-performance funds, we are putting on three events. One
has already taken place, but the other two are coming up and we want to invite all the
women we know to participate. You can help us by passing this on to all the women in your
email list.

1. Self-defense for women. Basic defensive techniques taught by Sensei Stacy Fox, owner of
International Martial Arts Academy in Allen, TX. Cost: $25 donation. If you would like more
information, please see the attached flyer. Every woman should know how to get out of
potenially dangerous situations and this class helps us learn how to do that. You've all seen
these types of classes on TV. Men dress up in padded suits and women learn how to get
away from the "attacker" by learning moves to disable the men in the padded suits. Sat.
Feb. 10, 10-3 at GymX. Call Sunny for reservations @ 366-6966. Come kick some B**T!:-)

2. Afternoon Tea -- Orignally called the Mother/Daughter Tea, but had a name change so
everyone could be included. This is going to be fun. Several speakers talking about the
Empowerment of Women, including Waco's Mayor Virginia Dupuy. Light refreshments and
tea will be served. Beatnix Coffeehouse, 19th and Lakeshore, Sunday, Feb. 11 from 2-4
p.m. $10 donation suggested. Since we have the Mayor speaking, we would like to have a
full house, so please make your reservations now. Call Sunny for reservations @ 366-6966.

Then there is the performance. Last year we had standing room only in a 500 seat theater,
so this year we've expanded to the Hippodrome. If you haven't seen it yet, it's funny,
poignant and truthful -- about how women think of their bodies and their sexuality. It is
NOT male bashing. In fact, one monologue is very male complimentary -- after the
performance, every man wants to be a "Bob". To find out what this means, come to the
performance on Wed. Mar. 7. Hope to see you there. If you want tickets, which are $10,
email me and I'll make sure you get them. Let's raise some serious cash for the Family
Abuse Center and help all the women in our community and around the world.
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