Tanya (tarellethiel) wrote in baylor_misfits,

bacterial meningitis strikes again!

so, i just checked my baylor e-mail account and was greeted by a very, very long e-mail in which the "Powers That Be" informed the populace that a freshman student here was just diagnosed with meningococcal meningitis, and that everyone who has had contact with said student within the past week or so (i don't feel comfortable throwing out real names of people on the internet, especially those that i don't know at all) needs to head to the doc's office to get vaccinated and checked over and all that crap.

they also warned that if you are exhibiting symptoms of said scary infection, to head to the doc asap, which is an obvious form of advice, although i have a feeling some dimwit might not think to go to the doctor if they feel ill.

so............if you're experiencing fever, chills, stiff neck, severe headache, nausea, vomiting, rash, and lethargy, best get your ass to the doctor! even if you think it's the flu......be smart. seriously.

this stuff is dan-ger-ous. and very deadly.


i remember a few years back that there was a huge rash of meningitis infections (which resulted in many deaths) running rampant around the us, and that there was even talk, for a time, of making the vaccine required for all college students or incoming freshman or something of that nature. it was a while ago, so i can't remember it very clearly. suffice it to say, this stuff is dangerous. and scareh.
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