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a bit of campus news

keep your eyes peeled and your 10lb maglite flashlights handy...

baylor sent out this e-mail to us students earlier this evening, and i figured that those of you who a) don't check your baylor e-mail all that much anymore or b) don't have one would perhaps like to read the info contained therein.....so here you go.

Saturday night, at approximately 10:30 p.m., a Baylor student driving his car in front of Collins Hall was approached by two African-American males who had purposefully stood in lanes of traffic to stop cars.  The suspects came to the window of the students car and shot a blast of pepper spray into his face.  The suspects immediately left the area and were not seen after they turned onto M.P. Daniel Esplanade.  Other students came to the aid of the injured student as did an ambulance that was passing through the area.  The student had his face flushed with water and was not transported to the hospital. Baylor Police responded, interviewed the victim, and combined the evening and late night shifts to search the area.  The Waco Police Department was also contacted, and an officer was sent to assist.


At approximately 12 midnight, another Baylor student was attacked in the same manner at the intersection of South 7th Street and Speight.  The student was walking alone and when asked by the two suspects for directions to Martin Hall the taller of the two sprayed him with pepper spray and then one of them struck him in the face causing a 2" cut above his right eye. The suspects ran from the area and were last seen around M.P. Daniel and 7th Street by other students.  The student in this second assault was attended by an ambulance but opted to go to Hillcrest Hospital with a friend.  He was treated with stitches for his cut and had his eyes flushed.  Neither student was hospitalized.


The two suspects are believed to be:

#1 African-American male, 16-18 years old, 6'0 tall, 160 lbs. (slim build) wearing a very long black t-shirt and dark jeans

#2 African-American male, 16-18 years old, 5'9 tall, 175 lbs. (muscular build) wearing a very long white t-shirt and dark jeans


It is possible they switched shirts between attacks and they may have been wearing black baseball caps.


Following the second assault, Baylor PD along with three units from Waco PD searched the area without success. Residence hall directors in the area were alerted as were Safety and Security Education Officers who assisted in the search.


In light of the attacks, Baylor PD has responded by adjusting some shifts and schedules so as to provide additional staffing on the streets during the nighttime hours until finals are concluded or the suspects are apprehended. Please take extra precautions in light of these assaults.


There is an ongoing investigation. If you have any information about these assaults or if you see any suspicious activity, please contact Baylor Police at 710-2222.

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"It is possible they switched shirts between attacks and they may have been wearing black baseball caps."

Really? People change their clothes? Even possible suspects? Wow.
Maybe they're hoping they'll stand out on Baylor's campus? Very 60s.
Those two guys out for a little fun seem pretty lucky that they're still alive; a white Baylor student shooting two black townies trying to "steal his car" or "rob him" sounds like an open and shut case for Waco PD. Not to mention that the Waco PD would've had its way with them too, if they had found them... and yet, I'm sure they're going to try and do it again now that they "got away with it twice."
hrm...? o.0;
Just more reason to put GPS trackers on every n/wigga that goes through the court system, huh?
Oh, what fun. This is the first I'm hearing of this. Apparently they didn't see fit to alert the faculty and staff, even though we can be out and about on campus after dark as well.
oh, nice. *rolls eyes*

well, i'm glad you're hearing of it from someone, then!
Because not warning people has worked so well in the past.... (cough cough- VT)

No one seems to learn from history.
Well, at least the article said that they're taking a few cops off parking duty and putting them on actually protecting the campus...