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Beatnix Coffeehouse

Everyone--- Please go out to Beatnix and BRING YOUR FRIENDS. Penney opened this business about 2 and a half year ago and she has tried very hard to make it a place for EVERYONE. However, since the price of gas has gone up, food costs have gone up, and people are less willing to drive and spend money on coffee-- Penney's business has gone WAY DOWN. She could probably struggle through it but apparently, the building that she is renting has been bought out and they are being forced to move. The coffee shop does not have the money to move. It costs a lot of money to move and like I said they are not make a profit right now. I don't even know if they are entirely covering cost right now. Everyone has offered her every piece of advice on what she should do but the real deal is that people just need to come out and buy coffee and show their support.

This is a place where people came up to her and said they wanted to do poetry so she started an open mic poetry night. People said they wanted a comedy open night so she let them do that. People said they wanted to do music open mic so she let them do that. People said they wanted to start a arts newspaper so she funded that. She sponsors the Waco Cultural Arts Festival every year because she wants there to be arts and culture in Waco. For the longest time Beatnix was actually the only place in Waco that wasn't an actual museum that was a gallery. She lets artists hang their work up in her coffeehouse-- NOBODY ELSE DOES THAT. Starbucks does not do that-- Paninni Bread, Cheddars, Quiznos.... no other place does that. She has free wi-fi and plugs along the walls so your computers don't run out of power. She has book swaps there where people leave their old books on the shelf and you are encouraged to take the books for free and leave your old books. Anything that you are interested in whether it be poetry, music, Scrabble, animation, LAN gaming, books, chess, Harry Potter, drum lines, whatever--- she encourages you to meet at her business and start a club. She encourages you just to hang out and make friends. THERE IS NO OTHER PLACE IN WACO LIKE THIS. But like I said-- a sign of the times--- business has gone down. A lot of the regulars aren't coming by. School is out and the college kids have gone away. Literally Penney is just playing it day-to-day--- is she going to be able to make the rent? Is she going to be able to pay the electricity bill?

Whoever you are... whatever your thing is-- you should go out.

And if money is the problem-- Penney is working on that. She has come up with cards that you can earn free coffee with. She is working on a "happy hour" when things are cheaper. She is working on "refer a friend" card where you get friends to come and use coupons and you earn free Beatnix credit. She is trying to come up with contests and games where you earn free stuff. Just come in and ask her... she is there all the time but if she is not, ask Benn, Ashley, or Todd. They are there all the time too. They are nice people who are keeping this place alive. Tell them that you have been reading the blogs that have been going around and want to know about the specials that Penney has been trying to come up with. I will keep everyone posted on everything I find out.

You know you search for clubs on the internet, meetups and stuff like that-- you can find them in Temple and Killeen... but not in Waco. Why is that???? What is wrong with Wacoans? Don't they like to f'ing socialize and mingle? Why does a cool place like Beatnix that other towns have several places like that... why is ours dying?

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